36-Month Warranty for Your GLOCK Watch

Warranty Coverage:

Your GLOCK Watch is insured by a 36-month warranty from BRANDMARK ApS, starting from the date of your purchase, subject to the terms outlined below.

Warranty Activation:

To activate the warranty, the provided certificate must be fully and correctly filled out by an authorized GLOCK Watch dealer.




  • Normal wear and aging of the watch.
  • Damage from improper handling, including but not limited to water damage, accidental damage (e.g., impacts, breaks), and non-compliance with usage instructions.
  • Invalidity of warranty if services such as repair or strap replacement are performed by unauthorized third parties.


Parts Not Covered:

Battery, crystal, winding crowns, straps, and embellishments.


Warranty Fulfillment:

In the case of defects under this warranty, BRANDMARK ApS reserves the right to decide whether to repair the defect or replace the watch with one of equal value.



The BRANDMARK ApS Service Center and authorized dealers may apply charges for shipping and insurance when applicable.


Claim Process:

To make a claim under this warranty:


We are committed to ensuring your GLOCK Watch remains a symbol of durability and precision.